Teraco Isando

Opened in May 2017, the second phase of Teraco’s data centre added an impressive 5 000 m² of floor space to the existing building.

With a focus on interconnected IT networks, Teraco needed ‘always on’ infrastructure. In addition to the 20MVA of power supplied to the site, a backup generator was essential.

As Teraco offers around-the-clock assistance to clients, diesel generators were installed to provide full capacity for five days, in case of any unexpected electricity failures. Extensive generation units and diesel supplies also formed part of the installation.

The statistics are impressive and test the boundaries of load carrying. The building was constructed using more than 12 000 m3 of concrete and is reinforced with 12 000 tons of steel.

Inside the building, there are multiple cooling zones with strict temperature and humidity control. The data centre is also positively pressurised to maintain a dust-free environment.


Structured basement parking, fire systems and diesel tanks make up the four below ground levels of the building.


Safety and security is of the utmost importance, so comprehensive perimeter and building security, combined with biometrics and an advanced fire monitoring system, was installed.